For some time I have been aware of the little portable oscilloscopes (DSO) kits produced by JYE Tech, such as
Here is a simple script that will install and setup VNC on a debian based machines e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Linux
Below is a simple script that will remove snaps from the OS and install Chromium from apt deb packaging and
Upgrading is simply a matter of ensuring Bionic is up to date, switching to the Focal repositories and performing and
Piggybacked PSRAM
By piggybacking a PSRAM chip on to the existing flash chip we can get a whopping additional 8MB of addressable
The Hotchip HT4928S english datasheet
A complete Wemos Lolin32 Pinout Diagram showing all alternate functions in full.
Overview I picked up 10 of these modules (including the ESP-01s units) on Aliexpress for the purpose of controlling domestic
While playing with the ESP8266, ESP32, STM32 and OrangePIs, I decided it might be a good idea to invest in