Wemos Lolin32 Pinout vs Wemos Lolin32 Lite Pinout

A complete Wemos Lolin32 Pinout Diagram showing all alternate functions in full.

Not being able to find a complete pinout diagram for the ESP32 based Wemos Lolin32, I decided to create one. I have included an existing pinout of the Wemos Lolin32 Lite too, for comparison purposes between the two boards.

Enjoy! click to view


Product Page

Wemos Lolin32 – https://wiki.wemos.cc/products:lolin32:lolin32

Wemos Lolin32 Lite – https://wiki.wemos.cc/products:lolin32:lolin32_lite

4 thoughts on “Wemos Lolin32 Pinout vs Wemos Lolin32 Lite Pinout”

  1. can you please put here the datasheet for the Wemos Lolin32 because the site is not available anymore. Thank you!

  2. Hi Don…

    This is really a great pinout diagram for the LOLIN32!

    Would it be possible for you to add the extra bits of info that are found on this NODEMCU-32 chart, namely the Pull-UP and Pull-Down, Digital In and Digital Out, and other data that your chart does not include, but are included in the linked chart?


    Also, is there a vector version of your file that we can download?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi, I created it in the libre office spreadsheet. I am sorry I don’t have the time to add the extra info that you have requested.

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