Hotchip – HT4928S Ver1.1 English PDF

The Hotchip HT4928S english datasheet

The HT4928S is a highly integrated mobile power supply Management chip with a built-in charge management module, an LED indicator Block, a boost discharge management module and is available in a small SOP8 Package. The periphery can be composed of very few components for a powerful mobile power solution.

It may or may not be the management chip that is on this module, described on Aliexpress as “5V-Step-Up-Power-Module-Lithium-Battery-Charging-Protection-Board-Boost-Converter-LED-Display-USB

With more than a little help from Google Translate, I translated the Chinese HT4928S datasheet

to English. Enjoy!

Wemos Lolin32 Pinout vs Wemos Lolin32 Lite Pinout

A complete Wemos Lolin32 Pinout Diagram showing all alternate functions in full.

Not being able to find a complete pinout diagram for the ESP32 based Wemos Lolin32, I decided to create one. I have included an existing pinout of the Wemos Lolin32 Lite too, for comparison purposes between the two boards.

Enjoy! click to view


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